Enhancing Financial Control: Flare's Corporate Cards for Nonprofit Organizations

Enhancing Financial Control: Flare's Corporate Cards for Nonprofit Organizations

April 25, 2024

Enhancing Financial Control: Flare's Corporate Cards for Nonprofit Organizations


The widespread usage of the internet has spurred businesses across various sectors to adopt electronic payments, aiming to cut processing expenses and streamline expense management, nonprofit budget and nonprofit cost allocation.  Numerous non-profit organizations opt for non-profit credit cards to enhance expense management efficiency. Yet, credit cards entail inherent risks and might pose challenges in obtaining for some entities. Hence, it's crucial for non-profit managers and boards to grasp both the advantages and pitfalls of credit cards, along with exploring alternative methods for better expense control and fraud prevention.

Understanding nonprofit credit cards

What defines a non-profit credit card?

A non-profit credit card functions as a business credit card specifically tailored for non-profit organizations. Similar to credit card providers for other businesses, issuers of credit cards for non-profits assess creditworthiness to determine approval or denial of applications.

Non-profits possess a distinct status as they lack individual ownership, rendering reliance on personal credit history impractical for card issuers. Instead, evaluation hinges on the credit history established by the non-profit itself. Consequently, nonprofits with limited credit history may encounter challenges in securing credit cards suited to their needs.

How to utilize non-profit cards effectively?

Non-profit organizations equipped with non-profit credit cards can employ them in various capacities. Flare's nonprofit credit cards serve as efficient expense management tool, replacing outdated methods like nonprofit employee reimbursement requests and approval procedures. Instead, nonprofits may furnish their employees with Flare's nonprofit credit cards for necessary agency purchases.

This approach not only saves time but also reduces processing costs. Transaction data from our non-profit credit cards allows seamless integration into the organization's accounting software, streamlining the process and minimizing human error in data entry. Nevertheless, it's important to acknowledge that utilizing credit cards presents its own set of challenges.

Who stands to gain the most from a non-profit credit card?

While non-profit organizations of all scales can benefit from non-profit credit cards, smaller entities lacking internal accounting departments may realize the most significant benefits. Non-profit business managers can save considerable time by adopting paperless systems facilitated by credit cards, as opposed to labor-intensive manual data entry and account reconciliation processes. Moreover, they may entirely circumvent the check request and approval procedures by utilizing credit cards for covering agency expenses, rather than resorting to paper checks.

Controlled spending with nonprofits credit cards.

Utilizing non-profit debit cards can effectively manage your company's spending. Flare offers cards that are accepted at numerous locations nationwide and globally, without the need for credit checks, thus bypassing the necessity for your non-profit to establish its credit history for approval.

These cards provide customizable usage controls, allowing you to dictate transaction types based on employees' job requirements. For instance, travel-related expenses can be limited to specific categories for those attending conferences.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to set spending limits per card per day, week, or month. A dedicated dashboard empowers your board to monitor card expenditures and promptly suspend any card for misuse via mobile devices. With no interest charges and FDIC insurance covering deposits, Flare offers various packages tailored to suit non-profit organizations of any size.

To explore how non-profit credit cards from Flare can enhance fraud prevention and spending control, book an online demonstration with us by simply visiting our website. 

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